Welcome to africa unplugged


Promoting Greater Awareness and Understanding
through Communication and Education

africa unplugged is a small charitable organization that has been set up in the United Kingdom to support grass roots community projects in South East Africa. Through this web site we hope to promote the work of our organization and bring awareness of the issues and challenges that different cultures face in their daily lives.

At present africa unplugged is supporting projects and community based activities in the area of Nkharta Bay, Malawi through a Community Based Organisation (CBO) called The Chimwemwe Umbrella (formerly known as africa unplugged Malawi). We have also been active in the villages of Cobue and Mbecca on the north eastern shore of Lake Niassa, Mozambique and in Mybeya Tananzia.

Our aim is to provide much needed support and assistance in areas which the projects themselves find hard to obtain such as the provision of teaching materials, the introduction of volunteers, access to networks of information and knowledge, and social activities. We are active and provide support in the following fields.