Widows Club

The Widows Club have recently had some good developments with volunteers from a local lodge (Butterfly) supporting them. Some IGA’s (Income Generating Activities) have been undertaken which have included selling pillows at a local craft fare and organising lunch hours for local travellers. Unfortunately, there has been a disagreement recently with aup Malawi concerning support. The Widows feel that as they are now getting help from elsewhere they no longer need any assistance. Once again this has saddened us because, like Gannets, they have benefited much in the past, though it is hoped that Mr Happy can still encourage them to pass on regular updates of their progress. As the Widows are actually outside the catchment area of aup Malawi the team are sourcing new Aged/Widowed groups in the official working area of Traditional Authority Mkumbira - we hope to report back shortly with some news.