Project – Teach and Social

Frighton, Miss Tryness and Happy in the shelter opposite the Centre

This project was first established by our founder Chris at Kupenja Lodge, Nkhata Bay in 2005. It is one of our core projects and fits perfectly with aup's mission statement to promote greater awareness and understanding through communication and education. The Centre also sits well within the 3rd of our business modules which we call Teach.

The Centre aims to acquire and make freely available a good range of information leaflets, pamphlets, and other material published by government, public bodies, support agencies and charities. The emphasis is on health awareness, opportunities in education, social support and the creation of self help projects.

A good range of popular fiction is available to suit most tastes and all ages. Books may be borrowed free of charge. The Centre recognises the importance that reading for pleasure can have in improving reading skills in a country were adult literacy, that is persons over 15 who can read and write, is not far off the bottom of the international scale (rank 179 out of 201). In particular, it is noted that female literacy is below 50%. It is generally recognised that low levels of literacy can impede economic development.

One of the biggest challenges the Centre faces is obtaining text books relating to the current school syllabus. Even in government schools text books are often in short supply. The Centre also tries to maintain a small supply of writing materials free to visitors. Support from volunteers towards the cost of text books and materials is warmly appreciated.

In the past the Centre has also promoted free to attend workshops dealing with such diverse subjects as adult literacy, life skills and health awareness.

At present, the Centre rents a small room next to the aup office. This room is not large enough to cope with more than 2 or 3 visitors at a time and we cannot use it for workshops. For this reason aup UK sponsored the erection of an outside shelter adjacent to the Centre. When not otherwise in use the shelter can be used by Centre visitors. We also hope to run a number of workshops in it during 2010.

The Centre is generally open for about 5 hours a day each weekday (closed for lunch) and welcomes visits by students and adults of all ages. The Centre is managed by member of aup Malawi.
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