Project – IGA and Social

April 2011. With The help of volunteer Robin from Surrey in England the group have recently tried to set up a couple of new income generating activities (IGA's). The first venture involved buying tins of rice from a remote area at 2200kw each and re-selling locally for 3500kw. Unfortunately, the true costs of purchase and transport had been under estimated and the proposed selling price was not viable. Robin recovered what he could from his investment and tried again. This time liquid parafin was purchased in Mzuzu and sold locally. 20 litres sold locally realised a profit of 1000kw (about £4). More to follow.

On 19th November 2010 aup UK sponsored a social trip to Mzuzu. The following is a copy of the group's report inserted exactly as received in .pdf format. The trip cost 30000kw and was clearly a real success.

addional photos from our archive

The disability action group joined aup Malawi late in 2009 and asked for assistance to form an IGA. The group has ample tailoring and knitting skills which they use to make outfits for babies and very young children.