Project – IGA (Make)

We regret to report that this project is no longer supported. A number of donations have been made to this project which has involded a number of different people. The project only appears to stay viable for a week or two before additional support is requested plus the chosen location appears to be altogether unsuitable.

This is the first project of the new CBO. The shop will actually take over a small part of Happy’s office in the Wanangwa building – the Information and Learning Centre is next door and the Children’s Shelter just outside. The café will use the shelter in the mornings.

The shop will work closely with other IGAs such as the Widows Group and the Disability Group and hopes to market a small range of goods and local produce that will appeal to both local and overseas visitors. Chimwemwe Umbrella hopes to earn an average of 20% commission on each purchase.

We have already provided a small amount of funding to erect shelving purchase a ‘water cooker’, cups, cutlery etc. We have also make a donation to cover the initial investment needed in consumables such as ‘sugar, milk, rice, charcoal, coffee, tea etc’.

If the venture is successful then no further funding should be required but this statement may cause a wry smile or two.

THIS IS A COPY OF THEIR FIRST REPORT INSERTED EXACTLY AS RECEIVED IN .PDF FORMAT ON 26 NOVEMBER 2010. PHOTOS AND MORE TO FOLLOW. MAURA AND LAURA - we think Mauro - are Italian volunteers who are staying in Nkhata Bay for a month.