Project – IGA (Grow)

The bee-keeping project is a proposal to form an IGA – income generating association. Some funds are available but the project is on hold until we raise or can guarantee sufficient funds to ensure the project can start on a firm foundation.


The  bee-keepers at Chisu (left) and  Jalawe (right)

The project is located in the Traditional Authority areas of Mkumbira and Mankhambira. There are approximately 40 members belonging to 4 farms in a catchment area covering the villages of Chikale, Chihame, Chisu and Jalawe. The area has good vegetation with streams and is considered very suitable for the production of honey and wax. The members of the project are from very poor rural families and a successful IGA would earn them much needed support.

Starts up costs are likely to be around £2,000 spread over 3-4 months. This would include training at the local bee-keepers association, hives, suits, smokers and a range of hand tools.

The association meeting in the office of aup Malawi in Nkhata Bay