Proposal – Health

One of the very first projects that we supported was the donation of treated mosquito nets to the Children’s Ward in Nkhata Bay Hospital. Other projects associated with the hospital have included the donation of sterile goods such as gum boots and towels, and the promotion of a Cholera Awareness campaign.

E. Mmange, the youth friendly health services co-ordinator at the hospital recently submitted a proposal to us for a community based training programme aimed at hard to reach young people in the Nkhata Bay district. The training would cover the basics in HIV/AIDS prevention and also the prevention of unwanted pregnancies.

Nkhata Bay District has a population of just over 200,000 people. The overall HIV prevalence rate is around 7% but in remote and hard to reach areas the rate can reach 20%.

Funds requested amount to approximately £2,000 which would cover 5 full days training in the hard to reach areas. This is currently beyond our means but this project will be included with other nominations for our next major fund raising event.