Proposal – IGA (Make)

A project proposal was originally submitted in 2009 by Jomoh (Mzembe) but put to one side when he resigned from aup Malawi earlier this year. A relatively modest sum was requested (less than £200) to be split roughly 3 ways – chicks, materials for an outside enclosure and feed.

This project was to be run as an income generating association (IGA) with 9 active members in the village of Chihame (T/A Mkumbira). This project has definite potential, especially if a volunteer visits who has some understanding and/or experience of poultry keeping.

A much more ambitious proposal was submitted in February on behalf of Siliva village but we decided that it was beyond our means – start up costs where estimated to be around £600. Also, the fact that the chicks where to be raised indoors didn’t help.