Project – Health

Almost every project proposal we receive includes a request for a food allowance. Although we are definitely not a ‘hand out’ charity it is incredibly difficult not to respond. Our programme tries to meet some of the immediate need but, at the same time, we do try to encourage each nursery school to create and maintain their own market garden – so far with limited success – because this could provide much needed variety and added nutritional value.

Happy’s garden in Siliva village is a model example as vegetables and fruit harvested from this garden are distributed to a number of nursery schools including the Children’s Shelter, Siliva nursery and CCAP Nursery.

Due to funding constraints our programme is occasionally suspended but over the past few years we have made regular donations to the Children’s Shelter, the Blind Hostel and Siliva, Lakeside, Salawe and CCAP nursery schools. Although amounts vary, a fairly regular sum is between £25-30 per month to each school. We are currently supporting the Children’s Shelter and the Blind Hostel.

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