Project - Grow

Not far from Nkhata Bay in the village of Bwelero old friend Jomoh Mzemba has created another successful garden project. He has joined forces with a group of ladies representing a total of 15 families. They aim to grow a good range of vegetables and started by making a total of 53 seed beds. Recently the area suffered very heavy rain fall and the project lost 10 beds due to flooding.

The chair person of the project is Face Kanyaso and the ladies meet each saturday to discuss progress. Any member who fails to attend is fined 50kw. Chief Bhatia Mwase has promised the project his full support.

africa unplugged provided 23000kw to help purchase hand tools, hoes, panga knives, watering cans and seeds. Additional funding has been promised provided the project demonstrates good progress and the group stay committed.

Jomoh building the compost container