Date went to Mzuzu: 31/05/2012

The funny story on journey: When we were going to Mzuzu we used a Mini bus, the bus could leave Nkhata-Bay early around 10:00am,  we arrived at 1:00pm, the bus driver could stop at every place they feel to pick up people, some people could shout the bus driver according to the journey was, driver over load the bus, he asked a certain old man to squiz to give a chance to a certain young man who bold a bus on the way to Mzuzu, old man could not complaign he was like a good man and friendly, unfortunatery when bus arrived in Mzuzu when conductor was collecting some money the old man could not pay full transport as expected he only paid 450MK out of 900MK to Mzuzu becouls of over packed people bus driver and old man had to quarel a man could never shaken, lastly a man told a driver that i will report to the police for over loading, as soon as the speech pronounced the man could leave with bus and leave a man without asking him a question again. When we arrived Mzuzu they are several shops when neibouring people saw us entering into the Royal Shop they called us to go into there shop but we continued to Royal, There we met a lovely sales manager who welcomed us much.

The shop manager when asked us a quantity as soon as he mentioned to 20 he was so proud enough but we could fish all the materials was in he called his boss hindus we saw 4hindus came with other matresses after 10minutes to compleete a quantiy, after every thing we were quit busy after culculating money we handed over but Jomoh lost his pen drive/flash disk, at some spot. After everything we took some materials out and Mr Peter was look after maaterials, Jomoh went to look for a truck when we found a truck we went to pack materials. After packing Jomoh have a girl friend who promised to marry she called him Jomoh could pick up a call, then she said to Jomoh that i have got a transport i will come with you she acompaigned Jomoh to Nkhata-Bay only that Jomoh was at back of the truck Mr Peter and Jomoh's girl friend was front when truck was moving Jomoh could not take any jamper to protect wind, after 5killometers from Mzuzu Jomoh stopped the truck and ask a scumber from his girl friend, when arrived Nkhata-Bay around 6:30pm childrens of blind saw materials were very happy, an alubin kid Collings said (Asmbizi aza ndi matress nganyaki)this meand teacher has brought us new materials. all kis frop up out side with proud and joy. Kids came around the truck after taking out all materials from truck,kids sang a song to say africau unblack yomweyo Mr Peter collected them that Africa unplugged yomweyo this means supportin AUP in abrivation that its doing a wondreful thing and they became with proud that they will be having a new mateials.

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